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Because one size does not fit all, our urban farms come in modular khet boxes to fit & adapt to a terrace, roof or patio you wish to Khetify !

Water Efficient

With our state of the art drip irrigation system, you save at least 300 litres of water every month in comparison with conventional watering techniques.


Our khet boxes can be watered by just sending an SMS, so you don't need to worry about your garden while you are at work. Just like smart lights and ACs, our urban farms don't ask for a lot of attention!

Compost Based

Our Khets come with a unique growing medium to which you can add your composted household waste. This way, you can help your city solve its Garbage problem.

What you'll get

Organic Vegetable


By growing your own vegetables, you are sure of the nutrition you are receiving and your family gets a balanced and wholesome diet.

Grocery Savings

What’s more, every year you save approximately ₹1200/khet in the form of grocery savings!

Clean Envt.

All of this while you contribute to make your city cleaner and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.