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Days to 1st Harvest


Kg per month/khet
Zucchini is a member of the squash family, which also includes pumpkins, and is native to the Americas. Newer varieties, however, have been bred in different parts of Italy. Unlike cucumber (kheera), it is usually served cooked. It is a low-calorie food rich in folates and potassium. Zucchini can be grown temperate climates before winters or in spring. The fruit can be expected in 2 months from sowing. Like all cucurbits, zucchini flowers require to be pollinated. Since balconies and terraces don't naturally have bees for pollination, it needs to be done manually by hand. Plucking of the fruit should be done when the flower is still attached which ensures that is fruit will be sweet and tender. There are many international cuisines featuring excellent preparations of zucchini, but we love stir frying slices of the fruit with spicy Indian masalas and enjoying it as a side dish; how about you?


% of Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance satisfied by 100g of raw produce.

30% Vit C

13% Vit B6

8% Manganese

5% Iron

Planting Months