Days to 1st Harvest


Kg per month/khet
This luscious fruit was first cultivated in a garden in 18th century France, prior to which strawberries were only foraged from the wild. The common strawberry variety that we eat now has its origins in Chile. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. However, strawberries are not the easiest plants to cultivate. They can only be grown once a year around October-November and can be harvested from February to April. For best results, harvest them everyday once the fruiting starts and eat them fresh. Our favourite strawberry recipe is a strawberry-banana smoothie; what's yours?


% of Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance satisfied by 100g of raw produce.

98% Vit C

60% ORAC

17% Manganese

5% Iron

Planting Months