Red Bell Peppers

Laal Shimla Mirch


Days to 1st Harvest


Kg per month/khet
Just like other peppers, the red bell pepper is also native to the Americas. It was imported to Europe in 1400s and from there it spread to Asia. Peppers contain little or no capsaicin, which determines hotness of the chilli. They commonly come in green, yellow and red colours, but can also be orange, brown, white, lavender or dark purple. Red bell peppers are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C, sometimes nine times more than green peppers (capsicum). Red bell pepper requires temperate climate of 18-21 degrees C and can be harvested in a little more than 3 months from sowing. It is best to harvest them when they are fully ripe and eat them fresh. If you want to store them, then you should harvest them early when they are not fully ripe. We really love to bake bell peppers after stuffing them with cheese, rice and herbs and eat them as snack; what about you?


% of Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance satisfied by 100g of raw produce.

213% Vit C

63% Vit A

15% Vit B6

6% Potassium

Planting Months