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Days to 1st Harvest


Kg per month/khet
Unlike most staple vegetables, endives are a recent addition to our plates. They were accidentally discovered by a Belgian farmer in 1830, and from there on, endives have become an excellent addition to salads and many other international dishes. Endives are a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and complex fibers, and are known to significantly reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Endives require a cold climate and can be harvested in 2 months from sowing. Our favourite endive dish is a spinach and endive salad prepared with some salt, vinegar, mustard and olive oil; what's yours?


% of Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance satisfied by 100g of raw produce.

289% Vit K

43% Vit A

35% Folate

21% Manganese

Planting Months